Our Businesses

Fitness Industry
  • Vorkitout.com – Our global online marketplace bringing personal trainers and people who have fitness needs together. 
  • Vorkitout Gyms – Our end to end service unlocks potential revenue generation avenues for property owners. Bringing in international managerial expertise to local properties helps each fitness centre in properties to be utilized better and increase value for our clients. 
  • True Titan Fitness – In collaboration with our Canadian Partners working with personal fitness and group training activities to help clients achieve the highest levels of fitness. 
Education Industry

  • White Feathers Education – In partnership with our European Partners, Edumundo.co.uk we are bringing technological advancements to the education industry. The software helps students learn by doing, which is far superior then learning by reading from textbooks. 
Technology Industry

  • White Feathers Technologies – Our mobile and web development services are on the forefront of tomorrow’s future. We develop mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms and also help marketing it through social media. Some examples of our developments are: http://www.vorkitout.com
Financial Services
White Feathers Financial Services – We manage financial portfolios of HNI’s providing financial advisory to maintain steady growth and security. We utilize an array of financial instruments such as equity, fixed income, commodities and futures. 

“We strive to help everyone achieve their full potential and make our clients lives simpler.”