About us

On average, most people who want to become fit cannot afford personal training and this poses a very serious dilemma for them. They either spend hours online looking for free workout routines which are extremely generalized and not tailor made for them, or worse they lose their drive for a fit life and go back to living an unfit one. Some people even think fitness is expensive and start saving up for it, but that isn’t their only avenue out.

Studies show that clients usually feel the motivation to work out more, when their plans are personalized as opposed to generalized. Plus, each and every one of us is different, our plans should be too. So we thought to ourselves, why not introduce the trainers and clients and let them Vork it Out.Quality control is one of the biggest factors that will set
Vorkitout.com apart from the rest of the competition. Once each plan is made, our team of fitness experts will verify the exercises, nutrition plans and overall efficacy of the plans before the client gets the finished product. Moreover, the clients will have one week to Vorkout with their new plans and give the trainer feedback, so that he can alter the plan accordingly so you get a plan that is only made for you by a qualified trainer verified by us, chosen by you. This factor will deter clients to making out of the system deals with the trainers and also help gain confidence over the services they receive on the website.

Vorkitout.com is bound to synergize fitness needs of individuals with additional sources of revenue to personal trainers. Being in the personal training line, we understand how difficult it is for some personal trainers to make a living, sometimes, poor social skills disallows trainers at a shot of changing someone’s life, but that is all going to change. The virtual market place will simplify fitness and provide a valuable product to the consumers by giving them easy to understand workout plans catered to their individual needs. For personal trainers trying to create their virtual presence and make additional revenue it will serve as a brilliant avenue to do so because of our extensive database of available exercises. It will also provide flexibility to personal trainers to combine different exercises or variations thereof to provide a complete plan to their clients.

- Founder & CEO, Vorkitout