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Concentration Curl w/ Resistance Tubing


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Last updated : 16-05-2015

Sit on top of physioball with feet firmly placed on the floor in front of the ball. Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. Lean forward placing the elbow of the arm you intend to exercise on the inner portion of the same thigh (ie: for a right arm curl, you would place right elbow into the right inner thigh). Place the resistance tube under the foot of the side you intend to exercise. Be sure to place plenty of weight on the resistance tubing to prevent it from slipping during the exercise. Grip the handle with your palm facing upwards. Contract your biceps muscle by pulling the handle upwards toward your shoulder on the same side of your body. After pulling the handle upwards and contracting biceps, slowly lower the handle back to the starting position. Repeat the motion for any desired amount of repetitions. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, shorten the amount of tubing under your foot, or use a thicker resistance tubing.

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Step : 1

From a sitting position, place resistance tubing under foot. Position elbow on inside of knee.

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Step : 2

From a sitting position, place resistance tubing under foot. Position elbow on inside of knee.

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Step : 3

Slowly lower to starting position and repeat.

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The concentration curl with resistance tubing is a low difficulty exercise.

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